Information you can use to support spaying and neutering.

  • One (1) unaltered female dog + six (6) years = 76,000 offspring

  • One (1) unaltered female cat + seven (7) years = 420,000 offspring

“Every year in the U.S., open-admission animal shelters across the nation are forced to put to death roughly half of the almost 8 million homeless and unwanted dogs and cats who pour into their overwhelmed facilities. The staggering numbers mean that not just sick, injured, or aggressive animals must be euthanized; wonderful, healthy, social, lovable animals also lose their lives because of simple math: There are too many animals and not enough good homes for them.

The good news is that there is a practical, fiscally sensible solution to this epidemic, and it lies in prevention. Getting in front of the problem instead of trying to clean it up after the fact will save animals’ lives and taxpayer dollars.

Until people spay and neuter their animals, euthanasia will remain a tragic necessity. No one wants to have to euthanize animals—least of all those who hold the syringe—but every day, workers at animal shelters see fates far worse than a humane death—animals who are cruelly killed by mean people; animals who are chained, neglected, and starved; animals who perish on the streets, where they are considered a public health threat and a nuisance.

You can help by being part of the solution. If you have an animal companion, please make sure that he or she is spayed or neutered,”